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AFFI Center

AFFI Center for Franchising

The AFFI Center: 82 sqm located at AFFI Center, Unit 406, 4/F, ANY Bldg., 38 Timog Avenue, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City. It became operational in April 10, 2012. This functions as the organization’s official administrative center. It also serves as the venue for AFFI’s various events such as the seminars and trainings they conduct.

AFFI Center for Franchising offers various programs on Franchising, Entrepreneurship and supplemental programs. Some of the programs developed by AFFI are:

  1. Franchise 101- A short course on the basics of Franchising.
  2. The RIGHT Franchise for You- An eye opener seminar for any individual who wants to venture into a Franchise Concept Business.
  3. Intellectual Property Lay for SMEs- Understanding Basic IP Laws and Applications to protect your business.
  4. Social Media Management for SMEs- Utilizing Social Media Applications for your Business
  5. Managing Franchise Business- Basics and Principles of Operating a Franchise Business.
  6. Strategic Human Resource Management for SMEs