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Buddies in Business

Friends and franchising go well together. Learn how to start a franchise business with your best buds at the Pinoy Business Carnival and take the first step in building your barkada business empire.

Friends that do business together, stay together. In this day and age, building a business empire with your friends is the ultimate BFF goal. What better way to start than getting a franchise? If you are not convinced, here are 4 reasons why franchising is perfect for your barkada.

1. LOWER RISKS -­‐ Franchising is a good idea for you and your friends because everybody gets to pitch in and share the risks that come with starting a business. Let’s be real: there is always the possibility of failing. If that happens, you wouldn’t be losing much.

2. LESS WORRIES – Every one of you has a busy schedule so starting a business from scratch is not really ideal. With franchising, however, you have fewer things to worry about because a system is already in place.

3. RELATIVELY SAFE – Availing a franchise from an established brand is a better bet than creating a startup. Why? Because people already know and trust the brand. Franchising has a higher chance of succeeding than trying to make ripples in the market with an unknown name.

4. A WISE INVESTMENT – Money is not the only thing you guys will be investing in when you get a franchise. This is also for your future! There is a big chance for franchise businesses to become a source of stable and steady income. If your barkada is planning to start a business, franchising is the way to go.

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