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Franchise 101
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Why Invest on a Franchise

1. Independence and Flexibility
Unlike the typical 8 am – 5pm job, owning a franchise gives its owner the independence to decide on his plan of action for running the business and the flexibility to work around his own schedule.

2. Government Incentive
According to government data 70% of the total work force belongs to the MSMEs. Acknowledging this figure, the government gives financial and technical assistance to this sector. There are also some banks that devote windows specifically for SME’s

3. Support of the Franchiser
One of the good things about being a franchisee is that you are not starting a business on your own. You have the experience and the support extended by the franchisor. Trainings are provided to prepare the franchisee in running the business. The franchisor’s proven system will serve as a guide in managing the franchise.

4. Success Potential
There is no formula for success in business. Franchising, however, demonstrates a huge potential for success. The market is limitless and the possibilities are endless. Success stories of local and international brands which succeeded prove that there is room for franchising anywhere.

5. Brand Name Speaks for Itself
Instead of developing an unknown product, you are promoting something which is already a household name. Advertising is a problem no more. Same thing goes for product orientation and establishing its credibility. All of these are done when you franchised the brand.