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Business Trends 2020

Times are changing and one of the keys to start franchise business and keeping it successful is to go with the flow.

What is In? Keeping up with today’s hottest business trends is a must. Getting left behind? Keep these business trends in mind and you might find yourself to start franchise business of your own!

A social media hit!
Everyone’s on social media now, even your grandparents for sure! That is why boosting your engagement and interaction with netizens through social media would make your reach farther, wider, and more diverse. Let your business be known!

Your friendly neighborhood businessman
It is now okay to breakaway from your serious and professional persona in favor of a casual and friendly one. People are more inclined to interact with you because you sound like one of them. Post relatable memes besides riding with their jokes, and start discussions with your audience!


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Glam up:
Something that is not to be scared off is a little makeover. If you are not convinced, take a look around you and notice that most brands have donned on a new look. Either completely or with subtle changes in their logo and even their store setup. They now look more modern, fitting perfectly with the today’s era.

Tis’ the season:
We have a lot to celebrate every year and it is important to take advantage of those events. Everyone’s going to come up with creative ideas and if you are the only one without anything prepared therefore expect to be overshadowed. You should celebrate more with the people!

If you do not want to be left out, join us at the Filipino Franchise Business Expo 2020 happening on May 5 to 7, 2020 at the World Trade Center and you might find yourself to start franchise business!