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What to Bring at the 16th Franchise & Business Expo

This year, the Association of the Filipino Franchisers Inc. celebrates it’s 20th year as an organization that continuously empowers entrepreneurs to broaden their market and expand their networks. The 16th Franchise and Business Expo is set to happen over the weekend, and we can’t wait!

To fully maximize your AFFI experience, we have prepared a list of things for you to bring for this year’s expo.

1. Calling cards.

Bring your calling cards and give it to people or leave it at booths that you are interested to partner with. To some, a calling card may seem tacky, but in the business world, it’s a sign of interest; an extended hand that offers an opportunity to connect and share experiences with.

2. Open-mindedness.
​Of course, we all have that particular line of business or specific industry that we want to be a part of in terms of business opportunities, but don’t close your mind from the other chances that cross your path. Sometimes, what you’re looking for is right in front of you. Don’t miss it by focusing on just one part of the expo; enjoy the whole event and take time to get to know all our exhibitors and sponsors.

Ask questions, listen to their spiels, and read the materials they give out or that they provide for you. All it takes sometimes is a genuine interest to discover something profound.

3. Smartphone.

This has several purposes: one is for you to take pictures. Document important parts of an exhibitor’s booth or take pictures of yourself enjoying a fun kind of “adulting”. If you are the kind​ who remembers information better with pictures, then a cellphone is a must.

This can also serve as your directory. In case you are not fond of collecting calling cards, leaflets, and other printed materials being given out to visitors and participants, you can save important numbers of key persons you are interested to touch base with directly on your phone.

If you are the type of person who enjoys going around an event just by observing, you can prepare a playlist that can accompany you while you walk around choosing specific people or booths to interact with later on.

4. Sense of fun.

Because this is guaranteed to be an event of epic proportions not just because of the prizes and the games and the experiences, but also because it’s a celebration of Filipino entrepreneurs from micro scale to large scale and their continuous dedication to provide products and services to the Filipino masses.

​We at AFFI are looking forward to seeing you this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the 16th Franchise and Business Expo at the World Trade Center! See you there!